Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Billik

  Two school internships at Terra Tools (later Radon Labs and developer of Urban Aussault) as a level designer and game tester.

  Supervisor of the largest german Jedi Knight Community Forum
  Education as a media designer for digital and print media
  Internship at SEK-OST as level designer and game tester for Paraworld
  Internship at "Tribe > House"
later Freelancer for web development, graphic-, print- and productdesign
  High school graduation
  Freelancer at Hetmanek & Springer
for web development, graphic-, print- and productdesign
  3D operator certificate of Siliconstudio in Berlin
  Freelancer at der Springer
for web development, graphic-, print- and productdesign
  Kunst-Stoff GmbH Berlin
as 2D Artist Concept Artist for various Game-Projects
  Game Design Bachelor of Arts at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.
Specialising in 3D modeling and rigging
  ZBrush certificate of Future Trainings Berlin
  3D Artist (Generalist) at Zoobe.
Modeling, texturing/shading, rigging, animating of characters, props and stages for various licensed movie partners such as Ghostbusters, Ice Age, Hotel Transylvanien and other.

Clients included

- Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH
- Sony Corporation
- Sony Pictures
- Blue Sky Studios
ReMass GmbH & Co.KG
- Leichtathletik-Verband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Technical Skills and Programs

Adobe Photoshop since version 3.0 (1994)
- Extensive knowledge for creating graphics, textures and illustrations of all kinds

Autodesk Maya since version 8.0 (2006)
- Polygon Modeling, Rigging, Animating, basic Mental Ray Rendering

Autodesk Mudbox since 2011
- Texturing, modeling

Pixologic ZBrush since 4R6 (2014)
- Sculpting

Corel Painter since X (2007)
- To support Photoshop graphics / illustrations, etc.

Macromedia / Adobe Freehand MX since (2003)
- Creation of vector graphics

Macromedia / Adobe Dreamweaver since MX (2002)
- Creation of web pages

Adobe Indesign since 2.0 (2002) until today
- Basic knowledge for the creation of documents / books / brochures etc.

Propellerhead Reason since 4.0 (2007) until today
- To create music of various genres ( thanks to 10 years of classical piano training)

Adobe Premiere since 4.0 (1994) until today
- Basic knowledge

Different game, level and script editors for Game-Enginges :
- Quake 1,2,3
- Unreal , UDK
- Unity

CrazyBump, xNormal, Office + some other software

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