3D Section

Here you will find some a collection of my 3D models, Animations and Rig Test videos. I mainly use Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox and Photoshop for all my models. For further informations about my technical skills please visit the Resume page.

Various Models / Artworks

T-800 Terminator Model 101 Rig Test

This is a fully rigged Terminator based on the T-800:Model 101 from the Terminator 2 Movie.

All work was done by me in Maya/Mudbox/Photoshop for my bachelor of art thesis.

The complete body consists of 1.200 Pieces, 144.000 Polygons, six 8k Textures, 500 Joints, 130 Clusters, 650 Driven Keys, 16 IKs and 35 Controllers for animating.

Sculpting a Dragon

In this playlist you will find the complete ZBrush sculpting process of the Dragon from start to finish.


The BeeBot was created for a student Videogame project called "Metal Funpark" in class. 2nd semester 3D Modeling.

modeled 'n rigged in Maya, textured in Mudbox

~8k polys


First modeled, rigged and animated soft body Character for student sidescroller game project "Venatrix".

done in Maya

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